Journey Beyond the Horizon.
Clearer Vision, Clearer Trails Ahead

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Enhanced Contrast & Detail

Improved Depth Perception

Greater Texture Recognition

Boosted Color Saturation & Vibrancy

Vivid Color Saturation and Unrivaled Contrast for Finding Your Way to Your Next Big Adventure'

Let Hue COLORBOOST™ lenses redefine your hiking and outdoor experiences with unparalleled visual benefits:

Trekking into the wilderness means encountering unpredictable terrains. With COLORBOOST™’s enhanced color contrast and clarity, you can spot potential hazards with ease, ensuring each step you take is confident and safe.

Ever misjudged a jump or step? With COLORBOOST™, depth perception is markedly improved, allowing you to gauge distances on the trail more accurately. Whether you’re climbing rocky ascents or descending into valleys, every foot placement is sure.

The outdoors is a tapestry of textures, from the ruggedness of a mountain path to the softness of a meadow. COLORBOOST™ lenses enhance color detail and variation, helping you read and understand the trail and terrain like never before. It’s like having an intuitive map built into your vision.

Nature bursts with colors, and COLORBOOST™ ensures you experience them in all their glory. With boosted color saturation and vibrancy, witness the greens of the forests, the blues of the skies, and the myriad colors of wildflowers in their most vivid forms, heightening your connection with nature.

Find the Optimal COLORBOOST™ Trail Series Lens for You






Hue patented COLORBOOST™ lenses are available in non-polarized, semi-polarized options, and polarized options, block the broadest spectrum of harmful UV light, and are available with a wide variety of premium coatings such as AR (anti-reflective), mirrors (REVO and flash), anti-fog, hydrophobic (water-repellant), oleophobic (oil/smudge repellant), in plano and semi-finished standard, eco-friendly, or ballistic polycarbonate, and eco-friendly or standard polyamide (nylon). Click here for our complete portfolio of lenses.

Hue COLORBOOST™ lenses are available in:

Hue COLORBOOSt is available for goggles


Hue COLORBOOTS lenses are availablke for shield style sunglasses


Hue COLORBOOST lenses are available for standard sunglasses



Step into nature with Hue COLORBOOST™ lenses and discover a richer, more detailed, and safer world.

How Does COLORBOOST™ Work?

At the core of COLORBOOST™’s prowess is its ability to amplify the essential color variations in the outdoors. By honing in on these contrasts, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts experience reduced glare and a clarity that unveils nature in sharper focus.

The wilderness is a vast canvas of visuals, and to capture it in its truest form, COLORBOOST™ filters out very specific wavelengths of light. This meticulous process drastically curbs visual distortions, offering increased image detail. The result? Depth perception that’s unmatched, enabling you to spot trail hazards with surgical precision.

Beyond its visual marvels, COLORBOOST™ serves as a protective shield for your eyes. Exposure to the great outdoors also means exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Thankfully, COLORBOOST™ lenses are engineered to filter out the broadest spectrum of these rays. Pair this with its glare reduction, and you have a lens that lets you see clearer and keeps your eyes safeguarded from the elements — be it the sun’s intensity or a gust of wind-carrying dust.

Where to Find Hue COLORBOOST™
Trail Series Lenses

Hue COLORBOOST™ Trail Series elite performance lenses are available from many popular sunglass brands and eyecare stores. Contact us for more information.


COLORBOOST™ lenses range from no polarization to 99% efficiency polarization. You can choose polarized, semi-polarized and non-polarized options to suit any functional need or product segmentation.

Yes. COLORBOOST™ lenses can be made into all standard prescriptions, including single-vision and progressive prescriptions. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing COLORBOOST™ prescription lenses.

Yes. COLORBOOST™ lenses can be coated with all mirror coatings, including flash, Revo, gloss, matte, and patterned mirrors. The lenses can also be coated with anti-scratch, anti-reflective, oleophobic, hydrophobic, anti-saltwater, anti-fog, and many other functional coatings.

COLORBOOST™ lenses are available from many popular eyewear brands and eye care practices. Contact us for more information.

COLORBOOST™ lenses are made of polycarbonate (PC) or polyamide (PA) materials. Eco-friendly PC and PA materials are available as well.

We make photochromic versions of COLORBOOST™ lenses with world-class photochromic performance.

Transitions® is a separate photochromic lens brand not affiliated with Hue COLORBOOST™. See our catalog here.