Elevate Your Pickleball and Racquet Sports Game with Patented COLORBOOST™ Lenses

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Enhanced Ball Color Contrast

Enhanced Ball Tracking in Air & Against Sky

3D Locationing

Greatly Improved Reaction Time

Step onto the court with Hue COLORBOOST™ lenses to experience a game with Superior Performance, enhanced awareness, and Great color resolution

Here’s how these lenses can redefine your court presence:

Boosted ball color contrast and clarity ensure you never lose sight of the flying ball. Keep your eye on every rapid serve, spike, or volley with unparalleled clarity, ensuring you’re always ready to strike with confidence.

Misjudging ball positions and distances on the court can be the difference between a winning shot and an embarrassing miss. With enhanced provided by COLORBOOST™ lenses, your ability to gauge ball position and speed becomes incredibly precise, giving you a distinct advantage.

Be ahead of the play with COLORBOOST™ lenses. You can improve your reaction time, including time to visually acquire the game ball, by wearing high-contrast COLORBOOST™ lenses. Elevate your game by supercharging your color vision!

COLORBOOST doesn’t just enhance performance; it amplifies the joy of playing. With your enhanced color vision every court becomes a canvas of vivid immersion, enriching your total game experience.

Find the Optimal COLORBOOST™ Racquet and Paddle Sport Series Lens for You

Racquet and Paddle Sports Series


Designed For:


Designed For:

Hue patented COLORBOOST™ lenses are available in non-polarized, semi-polarized, and polarized options, block the broadest spectrum of harmful UV light, and are available with a wide variety of premium coatings such as AR (anti-reflective), mirrors (REVO and flash), anti-fog, hydrophobic (water-repellant), oleophobic (oil/smudge repellant), in plano and semi-finished standard, eco-friendly, or ballistic polycarbonate, and eco-friendly or standard polyamide (nylon). Click here for our complete portfolio of lenses.

Hue COLORBOOST™ lenses are available in:

Hue COLORBOOSt is available for goggles


Hue COLORBOOTS lenses are availablke for shield style sunglasses


Hue COLORBOOST lenses are available for standard sunglasses



Transform your pickleball and Racquet Sports performance with Your unmatched Color Vision Through COLORBOOST™ lenses

How Does COLORBOOST™ Work?

COLORBOOST™ lenses have been fine-tuned to heighten color contrast, bringing out the essential ball colors. For pickleball and racquet sports enthusiasts, this means boosting the color contrast between the game ball and the background, e.g., court ambient and sky, to give you a unique visual advantage.

Engineered to selectively filter specific wavelengths of light, COLORBOOST eliminates any visual noise and color blur. The result is your enhanced color vision, decreased reaction time, and visually stunning games. Never be caught off-guard by a surprise spin or strike.

Beyond enhancing your game, COLORBOOST™ looks out for your eyes. These lenses proficiently filter a vast spectrum of harmful UV light, safeguarding your eyes during those sun-drenched matches. They’re also expertly designed to combat glare and provide a shield against wind, dust, and ball impacts, ensuring your visual advantage at all times on the court.

Where to Find Hue COLORBOOST™
Racquet Sports and Pickleball Series Lenses

Hue COLORBOOST™ Racquet and Paddle Sports Series lenses are available from many popular sunglass brands and eyecare stores. Contact us for more information.


COLORBOOST™ lenses range from no polarization to 99% efficiency polarization. You can choose polarized, semi-polarized and non-polarized options to suit any functional need or product segmentation.

Yes. COLORBOOST™ lenses can be made into all standard prescriptions, including single-vision and progressive prescriptions. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing COLORBOOST™ prescription lenses.

Yes. COLORBOOST™ lenses can be coated with all mirror coatings, including flash, Revo, gloss, matte, and patterned mirrors. The lenses can also be coated with anti-scratch, anti-reflective, oleophobic, hydrophobic, anti-saltwater, anti-fog, and many other functional coatings.

COLORBOOST™ lenses are available from many popular eyewear brands and eye care practices. Contact us for more information.

COLORBOOST™ lenses are made of polycarbonate (PC) or polyamide (PA) materials. Eco-friendly PC and PA materials are available as well.

We make photochromic versions of COLORBOOST™ lenses with world-class photochromic performance.

Transitions® is a separate photochromic lens brand not affiliated with Hue COLORBOOST™. See our catalog here.