Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Hue Lens Technology

COLORBOOST lenses range from no polarization to 99% efficiency polarization. You can choose polarized, semi-polarized and non-polarized options to suit any functional need or product segmentation.

Yes.  COLORBOOST™ lenses can be made into all standard prescriptions including single-vision and progressive prescriptions. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing COLORBOOST™ prescription lenses.

Yes.COLORBOOST™ lenses can be coated with all mirror coatings, including flash, Revo, gloss, matte and patterned mirrors.  The lenses can also be coated with anti-scratch, anti-reflective, oleophobic, hydrophobic, anti-saltwater, anti-fog and many other functional coatings.

Optical Labs can Contact Us for a list of partner lens distributors. Each North American distribution partner is accessible through standard ordering systems such as Opticom.

COLORBOOST™ lenses are available from many popular sunglass brands and eye care practices. Contact us for more information.

COLORBOOST™ lenses are made of polycarbonate (PC) or polyamide (PA) materials.  Eco-friendly PC and PA materials are available as well.  

We make photochromic versions of COLORBOOST™  lenses, with world-class photochromic performance. Transitions® is a separate photochromic lens brand not affiliated with Hue COLORBOOST™