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How We Innovated Color Vision


See the World in Vibrant Color with COLORBOOST™

The human eye can perceive over one million colors, yet traditional lenses limit this visual potential. COLORBOOST™ lenses optimize color resolution, enabling you to see hues more vividly for elite performance and profound enjoyment.

COLORBOOST™ sports lenses magnify colors for visual awareness, target recognition, target tracking, and reaction time. COLORBOOST™ enjoyment lenses give your world a vibrant, cinematic feel, like a photo filter. All COLORBOOST™ lenses expand your ability to detect safety markers and hazards. See bolder, brighter, better color.

The Science of Unparalleled Color

Why do modern HD televisions look so much better than older models? Because manufacturers tirelessly advance display technology with expanded color range, heightened accuracy, and superior resolution. Similarly, COLORBOOST™ advances eyewear lenses to maximize the spectrum of discernible colors for an unrivaled level of resolution.

Our proprietary Color Resolution Factor (CRF), which measures the number of distinct colors transmitted, quantifies this. But color enhancement means nothing without accuracy. Our lenses deliver a 99% Color Accuracy Factor (CAF) to preserve natural hues and depth perception.

In our vibrant world, images become crisper as unique shades multiply. This effect is demonstrated by comparing images with a low (80%), standard (100%), and high CRF (138%).

The dramatic boost in visual information from COLORBOOST™ is shown in the chart above comparing color resolution of a COLORBOOST™ lens (red line), relative to a clear lens (black line). The COLORBOOST™ lens has a 35% higher color resolution, as evidenced by the vivid photo on the left. Our lenses unlock the full potential of human color vision without sacrificing color accuracy.

Download our white paper on measuring color resolution to learn more about this cutting-edge technology.

Thrill Your Customers with COLORBOOST™

Give your customers the biggest color-wow experience they can have with COLORBOOST™ lenses. Each COLORBOOST™ lens maximizes the colors a user sees, allowing them to perform better, stay safer, and enjoy a vividly colorful world. Customers experience an undeniable “Wow” the moment they try them on.

Not just hype – over 1 million sold and beloved by special forces, olympians, and medical pros worldwide.

Try COLORBOOST™ lenses today and see the world in a new light.