Summit Your Snow Adventures with Patented COLORBOOST™ Lenses

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Boosted Color Resolution & Vibrancy

Enhanced Terrain Contrast & Depth Perception

Reduced  Whiteout Effect

Minimized Atmospheric Haze & Glare

Hit the Snowy Trails and Slopes with the Unrivaled Visual Advantage of Hue COLORBOOST™ Lenses

Here's how COLORBOOST™ lenses are set to redefine your snow and alpine sports:

With COLORBOOST™’s unmatched color vision enhancement and clarity, say goodbye to the snow glare and atmospheric haze. Navigate the snow and alpine terrains with confidence, see your path with crystal-clear vision.

When you’re gliding down snowy hills or skiing challenging trails, depth perception is crucial. With enhanced depth perception from COLORBOOST™ lenses, you’re equipped to judge distances flawlessly, boosting confidence for that trick or jump.

Snowy terrains are ever-changing. COLORBOOST™ lenses boost color resolution and offer unparalleled visual navigation. This means you can read the slopes and terrains like never before, staying ahead of the curve and anticipating every dip and rise.

Experience the snowy landscapes more than ever with COLORBOOST™ lenses. Our lenses amplify color saturation and vibrancy, making the snowscape come alive with vividness and clarity. Glare is diminished, and your enjoyment of the frosty wonderlands is enhanced, painting your winter adventure in vibrant strokes.

Experience the Fusion of Cutting-Edge Science and Unparalleled Functionality With COLORBOOST™ Lenses

Find the Optimal COLORBOOST™ Alpine Series Lens for You



Designed For:

Hue patented COLORBOOST™ lenses are available in non-polarized, semi-polarized options, and polarized, block the broadest spectrum of harmful UV light, and are available with a wide variety of premium coatings such as AR (anti-reflective), mirrors (REVO and flash), anti-fog, hydrophobic (water-repellant), oleophobic (oil/smudge repellant), in plano and semi-finished standard, eco-friendly, or ballistic polycarbonate, and eco-friendly or standard polyamide (nylon). Click here for our complete portfolio of lenses.

Hue COLORBOOST™ lenses are available in:

Hue COLORBOOSt is available for goggles


Hue COLORBOOTS lenses are availablke for shield style sunglasses


Hue COLORBOOST lenses are available for standard sunglasses



Embrace the Snow and Alpine With Clarity, Precision, and a Burst of Color

How Does COLORBOOST™ Work?

COLORBOOST™ lens technology magnifies color contrast to accentuate crucial snow and alpine colors. For winter sports enthusiasts, this means navigating the snowy and alpine landscapes with enhanced color resolution and significantly reduced glare. Your icy escapades have never looked clearer!

COLORBOOST™ lenses are meticulously engineered to filter targeted wavelengths of light. By reducing color visual distortion, you gain enhanced color vision, and better depth perception. Whether you’re skiing or snowboarding, swiftly recognize hazards and read the ever-changing snowy and alpine terrains with unparalleled precision.

Embrace the snow, but don’t compromise on protection. COLORBOOST™ lenses shield your eyes from the vast spectrum of harmful UV light, crucial when sun rays reflect off snow and in alpine environment. Additionally, with our groundbreaking technology, glare is tremendously diminished, allowing you to focus solely on the thrill of the activity. As the frosty wind rushes past and snow flurries whirl around, trust COLORBOOST™ to offer optimal protection against wind and dust.

Where to Find Hue COLORBOOST™ Snow & Alpine Sports Series Lenses

Hue COLORBOOST™ Snow and Alpine Sports Series lenses are available from many popular sunglass brands and eyecare stores. Contact us for more information.


COLORBOOST™ lenses range from no polarization to 99% efficiency polarization. You can choose polarized, semi-polarized and non-polarized options to suit any functional need or product segmentation.

Yes. COLORBOOST™ lenses can be made into all standard prescriptions, including single-vision and progressive prescriptions. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing COLORBOOST™ prescription lenses.

Yes. COLORBOOST™ lenses can be coated with all mirror coatings, including flash, Revo, gloss, matte, and patterned mirrors. The lenses can also be coated with anti-scratch, anti-reflective, oleophobic, hydrophobic, anti-saltwater, anti-fog, and many other functional coatings.

COLORBOOST™ lenses are available from many popular eyewear brands and eye care practices. Contact us for more information.

COLORBOOST™ lenses are made of polycarbonate (PC) or polyamide (PA) materials. Eco-friendly PC and PA materials are available as well.

We make photochromic versions of COLORBOOST™ lenses with world-class photochromic performance.

Transitions® is a separate photochromic lens brand not affiliated with Hue COLORBOOST™. See our catalog here.