Discover a Game-Changing Advantage on the
Golf Course with Patented COLORBOOST™ Lenses

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Enhanced Contrast & Detail

Improved Depth Perception

Greater Ability to Read the Greens

Greater Ability to Track Ball in the Air

Play With Greater Precision, See With Better Detail and Clarity, and Immerse Yourself in the Game

Here’s How COLORBOOST™ Will Transform Your Game:

With increased color contrast and clarity provided by COLORBOOST™, never lose sight of your ball again. Tracking it becomes seamless, no matter the distance or backdrop.

Mistakes in judging distances can cost you the game. COLORBOOST™ lenses heighten depth perception, ensuring you gauge distances with unparalleled accuracy.

Dive into the minutest details of the greens, bunkers, and every fairway contour. With improved color detail and variation, COLORBOOST™ lenses offer unmatched texture recognition, enabling you to strategize better and make those winning shots.

Experience golf like never before. COLORBOOST™ intensifies color saturation and vibrancy, making the greens greener, the sky bluer, the bunkers redder, and the entire game more visually vivid and captivating. It’s not just about playing; it’s about immersing in the ultimate golfing experience.

Hue COLORBOOST Fall Golf Course Scene

Find the Optimal COLORBOOST™ Golf Series Lens for You


Hue patented COLORBOOST™ lenses are available in non-polarized, semi-polarized, and polarized options, block the broadest spectrum of harmful UV light, and are available with a wide variety of premium coatings such as AR (anti-reflective), mirrors (REVO and flash), anti-fog, hydrophobic (water-repellant), oleophobic (oil/smudge repellant), in plano and semi-finished standard, eco-friendly, or ballistic polycarbonate, and eco-friendly or standard polyamide (nylon). Click here for our complete portfolio of lenses.

Hue COLORBOOST™ lenses are available in:

Hue COLORBOOSt is available for goggles


Hue COLORBOOTS lenses are availablke for shield style sunglasses


Hue COLORBOOST lenses are available for standard sunglasses



Incorporate COLORBOOST™ Lenses Into Your Golf Gear to Significantly improve your performance And amplify your enjoyment of the game

How Does COLORBOOST™ Work?

Enhanced Color Contrast: COLORBOOST™ lenses have been meticulously engineered at the nanometer level by our optical scientists to quantitatively improve a golfer’s color vision. This means those important colors are enhanced to make all the difference—read every shade of green and track every small white ball in the air.

Optimized Lightwave Filtering: By tuning every wavelength of visible light, COLORBOOST™ lenses eliminate visual distortion, washed-out colors, color banding, and atmospheric haze. These lenses boost color resolution and depth perception—two critical factors to better discern the subtle course terrain and ball trajectory.

Your eyes are more than just vision tools; they’re invaluable. COLORBOOST™ lenses expertly filter the broadest range of harmful UV light, protecting you from the sun’s intense rays on the course. Designed to diminish glare, they guarantee clear vision even in bright conditions. Plus, they’re impact and shatter-resistant and defend against gusty winds and dust, ensuring optimal eye protection.

Where to Find Hue COLORBOOST™
Golf Series Lenses

Hue COLORBOOST™ Golf Series elite performance lenses are available from many popular sunglass brands and eyecare stores. Contact us for more information.


COLORBOOST™ lenses range from no polarization to 99% efficiency polarization. You can choose polarized, semi-polarized and non-polarized options to suit any functional need or product segmentation.

Yes. COLORBOOST™ lenses can be made into all standard prescriptions, including single-vision and progressive prescriptions. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing COLORBOOST™ prescription lenses.

Yes. COLORBOOST™ lenses can be coated with all mirror coatings, including flash, Revo, gloss, matte, and patterned mirrors. The lenses can also be coated with anti-scratch, anti-reflective, oleophobic, hydrophobic, anti-saltwater, anti-fog, and many other functional coatings.

COLORBOOST™ lenses are available from many popular eyewear brands and eye care practices. Contact us for more information.

COLORBOOST™ lenses are made of polycarbonate (PC) or polyamide (PA) materials. Eco-friendly PC and PA materials are available as well.

We make photochromic versions of COLORBOOST™ lenses with world-class photochromic performance.

Transitions® is a separate photochromic lens brand not affiliated with Hue COLORBOOST™. See our catalog here.