How We Use AI to Design COLORBOOST™ Lenses

We Are Bringing Color Science & AI Into The Optical Industry

Traditional Tinted Lens Development

The traditional “trial and error” lens development relies on a lens designer’s intuition and involves a laborious manual process of making physical lenses, trying them on, and seeing the results. Even if you find an acceptable solution, how do you know if it is the best? Unfortunately, some of the most complex problems cannot be tackled without the most powerful modern tools. To solve the most complex problems, we need the most powerful modern tools.

Modeling the Complex Science of Vision

The human eye has over 6 million color receptor cells that sense short, medium, and long wavelengths of light. These cells send signals to the brain, allowing us to see millions of colors. We design lenses that alter light in ways that enhance colors and make them more vivid and contrasting. This involves a deep understanding of color science, optics, and chemistry.

Our AI-Driven Design Process

AI: The Missing Piece

Our team has pioneered the first Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) software trained on data about ocular biology and lens chemistry. This groundbreaking software designs the world's highest color resolution lenses, tailored for diverse environments and activities.

Our PhD scientists with eyecare experts analyze the specific color, illumination, needs for each project.
The AI evaluates tens of millions of configurations, identifying the optimal lens design using specialized dyes and coatings.
The #1 design is manufactured in our production facility. By predicting visual outcomes before any physical prototyping, our AI removes the guesswork, and achieves unprecedented results in hours instead of weeks.

An AI-Customized Portfolio of Lenses

This AI-enabled process efficiently produces a portfolio of color-enhancing lenses that redefine how people see and experience the world. We are leveraging AI to engineer the future of eyewear.