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Hue Lens™ Advantages for ECPs & Labs

Advantages of Hue Lens Technology from an ECP's Perspective

When it comes to selecting the right COLORBOOST™ lens, we are proud to be a trusted partner to an international network of ECPs and labs. This enables us to work together and stay on the front edge of new consumer trends and meet their needs.

COLORBOOST™ : The Color-WOW Experience

Give your patients the biggest color-wow experience they can have with COLORBOOST™ lenses. Each COLORBOOST™ lens maximizes the colors a patient sees, allowing them to perform better, stay safer, and enjoy a vividly colorful world. Patients experience an undeniable “Wow” the moment they try them on. With over 1 million pairs sold, COLORBOOST™ lenses are loved by the military special forces, Olympian athletes, and medical practitioners around the world.

Diversify Your Offering and Boost Second-Pair Sales

COLORBOOST™ has a diverse portfolio of lens tints, tailored for patients to maximize performance, safety, or enjoyment. Pick and choose lens categories which are most meaningful to your patients. Are they active in pickleball? Are they concerned about driving safety? Spend time gaming? There is a COLORBOOST™ lens that is guaranteed to wow them. Try our Lens Recommendation Tool here.

We provide the tools for your staff to become experts in color vision, equipped with data on the tangible benefits patients experience. COLORBOOST™ lenses are completely compatible with other lens designs and lens coatings, staff are able to deepen their relationship with patients beyond the standard suite of refraction products. For our partners, COLORBOOST™ presents a major opportunity to increase second-pair sales through premium offerings.

Become a COLORBOOST™ Partner

We want to collaborate to bring patients a wow-worthy visual experience. Our partner program includes marketing materials, sales staff training, business consultation to determine ideal lenses, access to digital marketing tools, and ongoing support. Contact us today to learn more about becoming a COLORBOOST™ partner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Hue Lens COLORBOOST™ Technology

COLORBOOST™ lenses maximize Color Resolution seen through lenses, allowing patients to perform better, stay safer, and enjoy a vividly colorful world. They offer a three-fold increase in Color Resolution compared to the nearest competitor, while maintaining the highest levels of Color Accuracy. To learn how Color Resolution and Color Accuracy is measured, download our white paper here.

COLORBOOST™ lenses are designed to enhance color resolution in a variety of environments and activities. The tints are categorized in groups A) performance & safety, and B) enjoyment. Whether a patient wants to improve their performance at their favorite sport or simply relish more of the colorful world, we recommend using our Lens Recommendation Tool to identify the best COLORBOOST™ lens.

Eye Care Practices (ECPs) can Contact Us for a list of partner optical labs. Each North American partner lab is accessible through standard ordering systems such as VisionWeb, Eyefinity, Crystal Practice Management and Revolution HER.

Optical Labs can Contact Us for a list of partner lens distributors. Each North American distribution partner is accessible through standard ordering systems such as Opticom.

All COLORBOOST™ plano and semi-finished lenses are compatible with your favorite frame designs including: full-rim, rimless, sports-wraps, wayfarer, aviator, half-jacket, and many others.

Yes, we offer year-round virtual training and in-person training at major industry events including Vision Expo East, Vision Expo West, MIDO and SILMO. Please Contact Us to arrange training for your practice or lab team.

The COLORBOOST™ lens technology is an optical filtering technology incorporated into the lens material. The color-enhancing effect is additive to the effect of any optical films (e.g., polarizers, photochromic films) and lens coatings (e.g., anti-reflective coating, mirror coating) layered on top of the lens. COLORBOOST™ lenses provide full protection from UV-A, UV-B, and harmful blue light.

COLORBOOST™ lenses are available in 1.59 Index material in plano finished and semi-finished lens formats. Custom options are possible using ANSI Z87.1 compliant and/or eco-friendly materials. All COLORBOOST™ plano and SF lenses are compatible with most:

  • ·Coatings, including mirror and anti-reflective
  • Digitally surfaced single-vision and progressive prescription designs

Click here for more information on semi-finished lens specifications.

COLORBOOST™ semi-finished lenses are compatible with all industry standard surfacing and finishing machinery, including Satisloh, Santinelli, Nidek and more. Optical labs should Contact Us regarding any questions on compatibility with specific lab equipment.

Please Contact Us if your practice or lab is interested in a partnership with COLORBOOST™ . Our team can assist with selecting optimal COLORBOOST™ lenses, provide training, marketing materials, and access to digital marketing tools.